From the Beginning

My Father and Uncle Paul started tuning pianos in 1937. Their work took them all over Northern Michigan. As a boy around the age of seven, I watched the two of them tune pianos. I would hand them the tools and be as helpful as I could. I was fascinated how a tuner could take a discordant piano and tune it so it would bring forth beautiful harmonious music.

I would watch them take the tuning lever and wonder how they knew how to place them on the right tuning pins. They knew just where to place it. Uncle Paul would continue tuning pianos until he was in his late 80’s.

It didn’t take long for me to decide on a devotion to piano tuning. I began my career in my late teens. Over my career, I have tuned and repaired thousands of pianos in Northern Michigan, from family pianos, to churches, schools, and more. I have had the privilege to work on just about every type and brand of piano and reed organ in my career.

I have a very strong passion for my work. There is something special about being able to take a piano and tune it into harmonious music.

"My success has come from dedication, passion and being trustworthy to my customers."  Ray Louiselle

Piano Tuning Expert
My Passion is Unwavering

My Continued Success